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"I love each of my projects especially, because in every project I invest all my resources: time, energy, soul and talents."


Is the creator and creative director of the Global Art Production Company of Marika Parsadanelli, producer of the intenational art shows and art auctions. She is producing art educational and media shows as well. 

Stefani Longshamp

- St. Petersburg, 2011 -
- Organizer of a fashion brunch from Dior Fashion House
- Organizer of a fashion brunch with the jewelery house CARRERA at CARRERA
- Co-organizer of the Charity Ball "Imperial Collection" in the Tauride Palace

- St. Petersburg, 2012 -
- Organizer of the International Exhibition of Auguste Rodin in St. Petersburg and in Moscow
- Private exposition within the framework of the SPIEF 2012

- St. Petersburg, 2013 -
- The creator and producer of the official winter movie about St. Petersburg for the Committee for the Development of Tourism of St. Petersburg

- St. Petersburg, 2014 -
- Organizer of the International Exhibition of Contemporary British Art English Breakfast 2014 in St. Petersburg (Loft Rizzordi) within the framework of the official Cross Year of Culture Russia - Great Britain
- The organizer of the business week at the exhibition English Breakfast
- Organizer and producer of the master class with British artist Johnnathon Moss for the bookstore "Bukvoyed"

- St. Petersburg, 2015 -
- Participant of the annual round table of the State Hermitage on the theme: Museum and problems of "Cultural Tourism"
- Organizer and producer of the international exhibition of famous paintings by Shane Guffogg # GUFFOGG
- Partner for the provision of art objects as lots for a charity event from the Alexander Kerzhakov Foundation "Stars for Children"
- Author of the expert catalog "International art exhibitions as a way to develop" Cultural Tourism in St. Petersburg "using the example of the international agency of Marika Parsadanelli for the annual publication of the State Hermitage

- St. Petersburg, 2016 -
- Speaker of the North-Western Economic Forum "Import substitution". Speaker of the round table, with the theme: "Development of cultural tourism"
- The organizer of the photo exhibition within the framework of the Thai-Russian Economic Dialogue, the meeting of the Prime Minister of the Russian Federation and Thailand
- Organizer of the exhibition of photographs in the framework of a charity event from the Alexander Kerzhakov Foundation "Stars for Children"

- Different countries, 2017 -
- Organizer of the global global art tour # GUFFOGG - an exhibition of the famous Californian abstract artist Shane Guffogg (Shane Guffogg), Azerbaijan
- Speaker at SPIEF 2017 in the first block "The Role of Women in Preserving National and Cultural Traditions", Russia
- Creator and producer of the global, international, cultural and educational multimedia project "I'm Armenia"

- Different countries, 2018 -2019 -

- I'm Armenia Art and Cultural movementart show of the young artists and different events.

- Moscow 2022 -

- Producer of the Charity art show for the 100 young artists Together musem of decorative art Moscow

- Venice Italy 2023 and 2024 -

- Producer of Shane Guffogg and producer of the show At the still point in Contarini del Bovolo for Venice Art Biennale 2024

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